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Tankless water heaters are different from traditional water heaters in many ways but in the end they heat water, they do not treat or improve the water quality. What does this mean? 

Rinnai suggested that the water supply should meet the US Government Secondary Drinking Water Standards to ensure proper operation and the life of the equipment. This more of an issue with well water as most municipal water supplies meet or exceed the standard. If in doubt the water should be tested by a qualified company or individual and an appropriate treatment systems be installed.

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The Rinnai vented wall furnaces are a very unique product line that fill a wide range of applications. The sealed combustion chamber uses outside air for combustion, makes it safe for use in garages and other difficult areas. 

The vent free wall convector is a great choice where venting is an issue. Their are many safety features incorporated in the design that ensure safety and reliability. 

Typically most installations are straight forward, however their are several considerations that are important when sizing and locating the new tankless water heater. For this reason it is best to meet on site and look over the job and discuss the details prior to estimating an actual cost. I have included the form to the right to better help in contacting you. Please fill in the best day and time for me to return your call a brief description of your needs will help.

Vented Wall Furnaces And

 Vent Free Wall Convectors

I partnered with Rinnai for several reasons, product reliability, quality and support. Their are a lot of manufactures in todays market place and few that have the experience and knowledge that Rinnai has. I am a independent contractor and I don't receive commissions on equipment I sell. I choose the equipment to represent that will hold up to my high standards and perform as designed.

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All installations meet or exceed NFPA 54 Code. 

Mill Creek Combustion Services supports Rinnai's full product line